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Third Party
Risk Management
SaaS Application

Third-Party Risk Management, a key system that is required for any organization, to comply with multiple regulatory requirements: Ethics, Probity, Duty of Vigilance, ESG, etc.

However, its implementation remains delicate, due to the volume of the Third Party to be understood; the disparity of Tiers and the ramifications (Thirds of 2nd, 3rd rank, etc.); but also due to the complexity of the necessary external interactions.

  • a sufficiently clear and simple approach to encourage the support and involvement of operational staff within the organization; predefined roles and an intuitive workflow;
  • a sufficiently simple process, to also generate support and facilitate the involvement of Third Parties, contributing to the evaluations;
  • determine the “right mix” between internal evaluation and external evaluation (external and paid Due Diligence); for considerations of optimizing the budget allocated to the project;
  • An approach and tools to address the regularization of existing Third Parties (mass processing) and the 'onboarding' of new Third Parties.

Ethicaline-TPRM is a unique project management tool and portal, made available to Compliance Departments; in SaaS mode, making it possible to run this large-scale Third Party risk assessment project around the following phases:

  • Risk-Based Triage
    • Determination of risk assessment level
    • Segmentation de la Base Tiers

  • Screening sur les Databases internationales pour les événements adverses (sanctions, PEPs, criminal records, adverse medias,…)
  • Evaluation interactive, collaborative, with provision of 120 multi-axis evaluation points
  • Evaluation externe, avec des services de  Due Diligence intégrés

The Ethicaline-TPRM project management tool is formatted around the business approach for third-party risk management, based on feedback from the Compliance, Purchasing and ESG Departments.

Ethicaline-TPRM is certified and referenced on MICROSOFT Azure Marketplace, as a Saas Business Application:

  • Complies with the most demanding industry standards for SaaS applications; in terms of technology, security, confidentiality (GDPR) required by MICROSOFT for certification;
  • Distributed by MICROSOFT in 30 countries around the world;
  • Robust technological solution and a scalable platform to maintain a state-of-the-art SaaS solution.
  • Microsoft Marketplace:  Ethicaline-TPRM Saas – Microsoft Azure Marketplace

Ethicaline-TPRM, a portal & a collaborative tool

Ethicaline-TPRM is a collaborative tool, aimed at centralizing all resources in Third Party Risk Management within companies, to communicate, encourage and encourage internal support; to encourage Third Parties to collaborate; all monitoring the deployment of this type of large-scale project.

  • authenticated access (by invitation) to Third Parties, directly contributing to internal evaluations
  • secure access to Due Diligence providers, contributing to external evaluations
  • contribution and “Scoring” in real time for Organizations
  • centralization of all collected data (evaluation, documents, resources, reports, etc.) attached to the Third Party File
  • Management and traceability

The functionalities of Ethicaline-TPRM are organized around the business approach, recognized in Third Party Risk Management; while allowing interactivity with ALL internal and external stakeholders

Ethicaline-TPRM provides you with 120 evaluation points across the entire ESG spectrum :

  • Environment : Energy/Water, use of resources, environmental impact
  • Social : Corporate Social Responsibility – CSR, diversity/inclusion, discrimination, duty of vigilance
  • Governance : Business ethics, compliance with regulations, stakeholder engagement, anti-corruption system (Sapin 2)
  • Disclosure : Extra-financial reporting

and supports you in the integration of your evaluation models and/or in the adaptation of the proposed evaluation points.

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