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Compliance Advisory
& Project Management

Whether in the compliance of regulatory obligations (Sapin 2, economic sanctions OFAC, FCPA, UKBA, etc.) or initiative to improve good corporate governance, the deployment of a compliance program necessarily requires expertise, communication, educational approach , implementation experience, to calmly approach these large-scale projects.

Ethicaline, with its experienced associates, provides you with technical expertise and “soft-skills” to successfully carry out your compliance projects and encourage the support of operational staff and management bodies for the new compliance rules.

Crucial step in identifying activities, geographic areas, subjects primarily exposed to acts of corruption;
prior to any design of prevention and detection measures and programs.

  • ESG, corruption, AML Risk Library
  • Experience of international schemes and practices

Stakeholders: essential players in the company's value chain, but also sensitive to exposure to corruption. Understanding the risk in the business relationship with stakeholders, not adequate due diligence and verification.

  • Categorization
  • Risk-Based Triage
  • Gradual Levels of Diligence

Operational measures as close as possible to activities, aimed at detecting potential transactions involving corruption.

  • Controls integrated into business processes
  • Development of 1st Level / 2nd Level control programs

Alignment of the control environment; internal control activities embedded within operational and support processes.
Integration of Compliance aspects in the definition of 1st level (operational), 2nd level (support functions) and 3rd level (Internal Audit) Control activities.

  • Global GRC approach
  • Risk Management / Internal Control / Internal Audit
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Support for Internal Audit and Internal Control Departments, to raise awareness and train in fraud detection, during audit reviews of processes, subsidiaries, etc.

  • Training
  • Detection programs

“Big Data” approach and cross-referencing of operational, business, accounting, legal, etc. data as part of an approach to detect weak signals and patterns of fraud and corruption.
A business approach but also an application one, with information monitoring applications.

  • Data Analytics
  • Big Data