Advisory Compliance Reputational Risks


Regulatory Compliance or
sound Governance initiative

Whether to implement regulatory compliance programs (Sapin 2, OFAC economic sanctions, FCPA, UKBA, etc...) or to promote a sound corporate governance, such an ambitious undertaking necessarily requires expertise, communication, and practical approach.

Ethicaline, with its seasoned team well versed in those subject matters, will accompany your Compliance Team to successfully implement your prevention programmes and to help engagement from your Staffs.

Gouvernance, Risk & Compliance initiative
Anti-Bribery Anti-Corruption Prevention Program

To help you roll-out your Compliance program,
Ethicaline has developed an Application platform –
GRC Portal, a central repository application, designed
to communicate, disseminate regulatory resources and compliance best practices amongst your organization.

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Anti-fraud Measures
Detection of patterns & weak signals

Ethicaline, with its partner EXPERT.AI, a leading AI tech company specialieed in cognitive computing, ML and NLU, has developed a cutting-edge AI-driven application providing powerful insights and detecting weak signals pertaining to fraud & corruption related matters.

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