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Internal investigations

The founding partners of Ethicaline, as well as the consultants, come from the business world and expert firms, capitalizing on solid experience in investigations into complex cases of fraud, corruption, asset-tracing, background/evidence research, …multi-jurisdictional.
This expertise is the result of a business practice combining corporate operational responsibility and customer support in many countries, particularly in emerging regions – Asia and Africa.

  • Ethicaline, with it seasoned investigators, is able to assist you with in-depth review, leveraging Intelligence gathering, due diligence, forensic investigation,... to substantiate the allegations and collect evidences; in the event of further legal proceedings.
  • Because carrying out investigations requires multidisciplinary skills (eDiscovery, Forensic accounting, asset tracing, etc.), Ethicaline provides you with experienced Compliance & Investigations professionals to handle your files, diligence and research with diligence, efficiency and discretion. strategic intelligence.

Our seasoned Investigators have extensive experience in multi-jurisdictional investigations; having addressed complex cases of fraud, corruption and economic sanctions in numerous countries, particularly in emerging areas

Investigations to support companies in their international expansion, particularly in emerging markets, for which the collection of information and in-depth research provide decisive strategic intelligence in decision-making.

  • Business Development
  • Mergers & Acquisitions
  • Partnerships & Joint Ventures

Investigations in support of law firms, on Disputes & Litigation files, commercial, legal, competition, etc. in order to collect evidence, materialize the facts, prior to pleadings.


  • Anti-Money Laundering
  • Asset Tracing

Investigations as part of a global approach to protecting corporate value, working to secure assets and detect embezzlement and criminal behavior within organizations.


  • Fraud
  • Assets misappropriations
  • Collusions

Investigations in support of firms Investigations in detection and prevention as part of compliance programs with various national and supra-national regulations: FCPA, UKBA, OFAC, SAPIN 2, AML/FT, Slavery Act, Duty of Vigilance, etc.

  • Anti-Corruption
  • Economic sanctions
  • Reputational risk
. Data analytics
. Forensic Accounting
. Business Intelligence
. eDiscovery