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. Certified Fraud Examiners . Compliance background . Seasoned Investigators . Corporate & Advisory . International Exposure

are we?

  • operational experience in compliance, dealing with alerts and associated investigations;
  • expertise in a consulting firm, specializing in the deployment of compliance systems with Sapin 2, FCPA, UKBA regulations.
Ethicaline seasoned professionals are “Certified Fraud Examiners”, an international organization defining standards for the fight against Fraud and Corruption.

Our seasoned investigators have carried out more than a hundred investigative engagements in the matters of ESG, Ethics and Fraud, worldwide.

The founding partners have a wealth of experience and have worked for more than ten years in Risk, Compliance and Investigations functions, having handled hundreds of feedback, reports and allegations in interaction with whistleblowers.

They have notably implemented compliance systems for the prevention and detection of conflicts of interest, fraud, collusion and corruption of agents, within large French and international groups.