Advisory services

Internal Investigations

Seasoned professionals
specialized in internal investigations

Ethicaline fouding Partners, as well as recruited Senior Consultants, combine corporate experience with expertise gained in expert advisory firms, all dedicated to investigations of complex and multiurisdictional corruption cases, asset tracing and fraud fighting.

Drawn from 20+ years of field experience gained amongst multinational companies, our founding members have capitalized field experience, specifically in emerging countries - Asia, Africa, Latam.

Ethicaline will assist you in your diligence, investigative duties, when performing business intelligence gathering, internal investigations to address allegations and wrongdoings as soon as they arise.

Because internal investigations on serious allegations require multiple competencies and expertise (see. process to handle allegations), our certified investigators with operational experience drawn from 100+ cases worldwide, in multiple industries, are best positioned to efficiently, discreetly and swiftly deliver investigative services.

Subject matter expertise

Ethicaline, thanks to its team of seasoned professionals, is able to assist in the internal investigations to substantiate allegations and to measure its impacts: identify patterns, gather evidences, document schemas,... prior to taking corrective actions; such as business process and internal control review; HR & disciplinary measures, legal proceedings,...


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