SAPIN 2. European Directive.

Outsource your
Speak-Up line

French regulatory obligations SAPIN 2 and
European directive

Since January 2018 and under the SAPIN 2 law and European directive adopted on 16 April 2019 on ethics and transparency in business life and on the obligation to set up a speak-up line;

« In France, each company of more than 50 employees has an obligation to set up a speak-up line available to reporters, internal to their organization. » .

The regulatory obligation also applies to public organizations such as cities with 10,000
inhabitants, departments, regions.

Ethics and SpeakUp line,
a reputational & legal risk management tool

It is a european obligation to provide means to whistleblowers who wish to come forward, and to report any wrongdoing; and to protect them from intimidation and retaliation.

Beyond regulatory obligations, it is a powerful risk management tool, from both legal and reputational standpoints.

An efficient SpeakUp line helps to streamline reporting process into a central point, where allegations could be diligently processed - investigated, qualified and remedied; prior to be exposed to Regulators and/or to public, with serious corporate damages.

Features of a SpeakUp line

The new regulation establishes an obligation to set up an internal speak-up system and procedures to collect and process alerts issued by reporters.

Failure to implement the speak-up line can have legal consequences for your organization, in case of administrative control, and can also become critical in terms of reputation and financial cost in the case of a report badly treated by your organization and disclosed outside your organisation.

The following topics can be reported:
• a crime, an offence (fraud, corruption, abuse of social welfare, conflict of interest,...);
• a serious or manifest violation of a law or regulation; an international commitment,...;
• harassment, discrimination, respect for privacy;
• a serious threat or prejudice to the general interest (public health,,... environment).

Each whistleblowing report, whether unsubstantiated or proven allegations, must be investigated with impartiality and confidentiality upon reception, in accordance with set routine review procedure for controls & checks, as recommend by regulators.
A Speak-Up report is also a powerful tool to help your organization identify risk exposures and protect company's value.

Outsource your Speak-Up line and allegation management

Because setting up and rolling out a Speak-Up program, as required by the regulators, demands dedicated resources with regulatory, business and technical expertise and know-how;

Ethicaline provides you with a dedicated solution to handle your Speak-Up line and program, serviced by seasoned professionals in Compliance with hands-on experience; from allegations/reports intake, managing communication with whistleblower and investigations on reported allegations.

An integrated approach

Ethicaline offers an integrated approach, when managing a Speak-Up program, i.e. to act as go-between interacting with whistleblowers and your organization having the following features:

Providing a collaborative management platform

Ethicaline provides you with a technological platform, that has a proven track record, in Europe and the US, as collaborative and interactive management platform for handling Speak-Up reports and interaction with whistleblowers.

Our dedicated technology solution, simple, ergonomic and 100% secure, enables full interactivity between you, Ethicaline and whistleblowers, while handling and managing reported incidents and alerts. The technological platform also guarantees full confidentiality of the information processed, as well as the traceability and the legal archiving of the actions undertaken.

« A central repository for managing Speak-Up reports,
with traceability of all processing actions, as required by regulators. »

Seasoned professionals
en Compliance & Investigations

Seasoned professionals, experts in compliance, combining dual competence:

1. operational experience in compliance, dealing with Speak-up reports, allegations and related investigations;

2. expertise in advisory, specializing in the deployment of regulatory compliance programs and frameworks such as SAPIN 2, FCPA, UKBA.

The founding partners are capitalizing on a wealth of experience and have been working for more than 10 years in Risk Management, Compliance and Investigations, having dealt with hundreds of Speak-Up reports and allegations in interaction with whistleblowers.

In addition, they have contributed to enhance prevention and detection of business misconducts such as conflicts of interest, fraud, collusion and bribery,... within client's organization.

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