line management

An integrated approach

Ethicaline offers an integrated approach, when managing a Speak-Up program, i.e. to act as go-between interacting with whistleblowers and your organization having the following features:

Speak-up allegations

Ethicaline provides an granular follow-up of each Speak-Up allegation, filed on the platform, according to a streamlined process that meets the regulatory requirements:

  • acknowledgment of receipt of the allegation;
  • preliminary verification;
  • advanced review / investigation;
  • report;
  • archiving and traceability.

The relationship with the whistleblower:
key success factor in a successful Speak-Up program

Ethicaline maintains a constant trusted communication with the whistleblowers throughout the process; while ensuring confidentiality, independence and protection of the source.


Reception of the allegation


Acknowledgment of receipt of the allegation

within 48 hours maximum


Entrer en contact avec le lanceur d’alerte


Échanger avec le lanceur d’alerte sur son statut


Preliminary check to qualify the Speak-Up allegation


Transférer le signalement à l’organisation impliquée


In-depth review of all components of allegation reported

Who? When? Where? How?


Establishing materiality and criticality of allegation reported


Providing informed and educated position on the allegation

Acceptability / admissibility of allegation reported


Opérer le « triage » sur la base des vérifications préliminaires

Qualification en alerte avérée, exposant l’entreprise à des risques réglementaires, pénaux, réputationnels,..


Escalader l’alerte pour des investigations avancées des allégations


Set-up a cross-functional investigation team

Task force intervenant en « mode projet »


Perform Data analytics


Establish and substantiate schema, patterns regarding reported allegations


Collect as much hard evidences as possible


Establish informed and educated position on allegations reported

A l’issue des investigations avancées diligentées


Provide insights on possible further actions

Internal disciplinary action, legal prosecution...


Establish substantiated investigation report

Provide facts and evidences gathered, based on investigation


Ensure traceability of all actions performed and undertaken

Archivage centralisé et rigoureux des actions dans le traitement des signalements reçus. Notion essentielle d’auditabilité des dossiers, démontrable au régulateur en cas de contrôle administratif


Ensure traceability and integrity of all communications with whistleblowers

Key element to demonstrate diligent actions processing allegations, and protection of source of allegations

Additional services:
Conducting internal investigations

Along the processing of Speak-Up allegations, some qualified as serious need to be further investigated and substantiated, for further corrective actions.

Ethicaline will assist you in your diligence, investigative duties, when performing business intelligence gathering, internal investigations to address allegations and wrongdoings as soon as they arise.

Because internal investigations on serious allegations require multiple competencies and expertise (cf. phase d’investigation avancée, our certified investigators with operational experience drawn from 100+ cases worldwide, in multiple industries, are best positioned to efficiently, discreetly and swiftly deliver investigative services.

Notre plateforme technologique, outil de « case management » et recueil
centralisé des dossiers d’investigation

Avec l’offre de services intégrée d’Ethicaline, vous disposez également de la plateforme technologique en tant qu’outil de « case management » pour suivre et gérer les investigations :

workflow, team management, delegation of tasks and actions, centralize data and evidence collection, confidential communication channels, right management on "need-to-know" basis.

Des solutions packagées

Des solutions packagées, facilitant la déploiement et la mise en place d’un dispositif d’alerte et le recueil de signalements ; permettant de se concentrer le traitement des alertes / remontées terrain et ainsi, de prévenir et/ou circonscrire les dysfonctionnements.

ready to start

Turn-key solution

A simple and bundled package, with all necessary pre-requisites to get your started at once:

  • 3 contact point within your organization;
  • A predefined number of allegations/cases managed and processed by Ethicaline (number of credits in bundled package);
  • un référentiel de conformité (code éthique, procédure d’alerte) ;
  • une phase de « on-boarding » d’une semaine.

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Tailored approach

Bespoke solution

Les critères et paramètres de gestion déléguée du dispositif d’alerte professionnelle, à définir ensemble :

  • number of contact points needed, along with
    your matrix organization;
  • number of countries and languages covered by your Speak-Up line.
  • A fine tuned approach of your ethics & governance policy, Speak-Up procedures, communication and training delivery.

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