GRC Portal,
Management System

A centralized repository to manage your
Governance, Risk & Gouvernance

Designed to faciltate dissemination of Governance, Risk & Compliance best practices and to promote engagement from Staffs, Ethicaline is an integrated solution and a central repository where all GRC resources could be found, shared, discussed among all Staffs.

GRC Portaldeployed internally (on-premise or Sass mode) is also accessible with an “App Mobile” multi-OS (iOS and Android) and multi-format (smartphone, iPad, desktop), so as to encourage Staffs engaging and embracing GRC matters, in their day-to-day.

Simple with friendly-user interface, GRC Portal is also a bridge between Corporate functions at HQ and Staffs worldwide to communicate, exchange and assistance, when conducting business every day.

GRC Portal, a Mobile App. . .

. . . all GRC resources needed to uphold Ethics & Governance, at hand

A Compliance Management Systemas a collaborative platform

Ethicaline GRC Portal is designed to be a collaborative platform, where all Governance, Risk & Compliance resources could be found with Corporate organizations, allowing best practices dissemination, corporate communication, workshops, trainings,... among all Staffs worldwide.

  • A central repository : all resources such as policies, procedures, regulatory requirements,... 
  • A collaborative space share, promote and accompany all Staffs, when implementing GRC policies and procedures within their local organizations.
  • A communication vector to broadcast news, regulatory updates, key messages on Governance at large.
  • A Toolkit of resources available documents, templates, materials ready to use for Staffs, when needed.

An application streamlined intranet ou cloud-based

GRC Portal could be deployed on your tenant or in Saas-mode.

GRC Portal modules could be implemented as-you-go, depending on maturity of GRC initiatives
within your Corporate organization:


  • Corporate Values
  • Code of Conduct
  • ESG


  • Enterprise Risk Management
  • Control Environment
  • Internal Audit Management


  • Principles and regulatory scope
  • Anti-Bribery & Corruption – ABAC
  • Third-Party Oversight – TPO
  • GDPR
  • Export control & economic sanctions

Speak-Up Line

A turnkey platform or
or of your existing resources

Ethicaline could assist and implement GRC Portal, integrating all your existing resources; or could provide to you a ready-to-use platform with all GRC ressources, with little step of customization to your environment.

Take a look at GRC Portal?

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