Due Diligence M&A – Background & Reputation Compliance

Due Diligence &
Business Intelligence

Complexity of business interactions
KYC-KYS, Compliance, M&A - pre/post acquisition

As business environment is getting more and more complex and global, the risk exposure when dealing with third parties around the word has never been so acute.

On the hand, the challenges of meeting all regulatory obligations in various subjects - ESG, AML, anti-bribery & corruption, OFAC, GDPR,... - command an even higher level of scrutiny of third parties organisations are doing business with.

When the stakes are that crucial, it is essential to thoroughly assess your partners, third parties and to reduce uncertainty, prior to engage into business relationships.

A thorough assessment of business
and non-compliance risk exposure
prior to engage into business relationships

Strategic Intelligence gathering
Gradual level of Due Diligence

Network of Partners
Due Diligence & Business Intelligence