AI & ML technology Detection Internal Investigations

Data Scientists
Intelligence monitoring & fraud detection

AI-driven technology
applied to fraud, corruption and weak signals detection

Fighting fraud and corruption is a permanent duty and sustained dedicated, well beyond initial compliance assessment and prevention program roll-out.

Such an undertaking, must embrace a continuous monitoring approach, which would allow permanent screening of day-to-day business activities, in order to detect weak signals, as soon as it happens, in relation with potential wrongdoings or breaches in compliance.

To address such permanent monitoring approach, a combination of appropriate expertises and resources is needed:

  • expertise in fraud & corruption detection and investigations,
  • a holistic approach and methodology, to detect patterns and wrongdoings at a global scale,
  • appropriate technology, capable of tackling large amount of information and data, from heterogenous sources.

- Use of AI-driven technology
- Structured and unstructured data
- Machine Learning & Natural language processing - NLP

Dedicated AI-driven application
Intelligence monitoring & fraud/corruption detection

Ethicaline, partnering with EXPERT.AI and OPEN PEOPLE FACTORY, has developed a a dedicated AI-driven application, capable of detecting patterns, weak signals pertaining to fraud & corruption related matters.

Such a business application, most suited to Compliance functions, and enterprise value protection at large, has been engineered based on combined business expertise and know-how :

  • a leading technology provider EXPERT.AI in Natural Language Processing and Artificial Intelligence
  • Expertise from Ethicaline, in prevention and legal& reputational risk management, as well as in fraud & corruption schemes detection.
  • a Data-centric approach from OPEN PEOPLE FACTORYto a universe of multiple forms of data; and know-how in complex data integration.

an AI-driven application, multiple use cases

– Intelligence monitoring
– Fraud and wrongdoings detection
– Corruption schemes detection

AI processing principle
dedicated to intelligence monitoring and detection

The ability to screen and to relate information from one another and detect weak signals for further investigations.

  • Internal sources of data / external sources - OSINT
  • Structured and unstructured data

Leveraging machine learning
with the Natural Language processing

The use of AI technology with the Natural Language Understanding (or NLP - Natural Language Processing)allows the processing of unstructured data available in corporate environment, such as contracts, documents, emails,... (estimated at 80% of all enterprise data available).

Partnership with EXPERT.AI
Tech Player en Intelligence Artificielle

 EXPERT.AI, european-based"pure Tech Player" is a leading software provider in Cognitive Computing and Artificial Intelligence, adressing structured and unstructured enterprise data.

The COGITO Intelligence Platform from EXPERT.AI, with its proprietary algorithms, allows natural language and contextual understanding, derived from large volume data processed, from multiple sources - internal and external to the corporates.

Partnership with Open People Factory
Data Centric solutions

OPEN PEOPLE FACTORY – OPF, is an advisory firm in Data Intelingence, composed of Data Scientists, experts in AI and systems/data engineers/integrators.

OPF experts are well versed in a Data Centric approach, when addressing enterprise data analytics, to turn them into actionable intelligence for decision making.

Take a look at COGITO Platform, and how it addresses weak signals detection?

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