Ethicaline au Congrès Compliance & RegTech, organisé par l’Institut Risk Compliance – 17&18 mai 2019

Ethicaline attended the European Congress on Compliance and Technology (Big Data, Cloud, RegTech and GDPR) mid-may in Paris ; Our team was impressed how the technology is fast evolving and leveraging compliance functions but technology comes with numerous challenges to apply the new regulations.

Technology relating to speak-up line is quite new with a lot of new players / IT start-up: this specific market is not mature yet.

Du concept d’une ligne d’alerte . . .

. . . vers une ligne de conversation « en confiance »
ou « trusted conversation channel »

During this congress, Ethicaline discussed, shard and liked 2 creative and emerging ideas & concepts:

  • Speak-Up line should not be linked to a company but to an individual; each individual should have his own speak-up email during all his career. Some employees could be reluctant to speak-up using a Corporate Speak-up line ; they may have some concerns about confidentiality, anonymity and appropriate treatments so the individual speak-up line could be an alternative ; moreover speak-up could concern also your private life.

  • Rebaptiser « ligne de signalement éthique » par « ligne de conversation » (« trusted conversation channel« ) dans un objectif de résoudre les difficultés de management et/ou de processus et ainsi de rentrer dans une démarche positive d’amélioration continue.

Workshop – Whistleblowing, key features drawn from best practices

Ethicaline, with its partner Whispli, lectured and conducted a workshop on "Whistleblowing, key features drawn from best practices"; with practical and hands-on examples from successful implementations.

Slide deck of presentation is available hereafter:


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